Wish List...

With Choice-Based Art, we are always creating new art projects.  Before you recycle or throw away any of the following, please think of our art studio and our Wildcat Artists...  I know their creativity will turn your recyclables into something spectacular in our sculpture studio!

any plastic containers
fabric remnants
Dad's old oxfords
Men's ties
squirt bottles
Plastic Water bottles
egg cartons
plastic bags
fabric scraps
wood scraps
computer parts

Anything else that you may think of that I might be able to use... please contact me via email!  I don't always have storage space for everything, so I may say, "Thank you, but no," however... our Wildcats are really creative!


  1. What type of bottle caps are you hoping for? Soda or metal type?

  2. thank you for visiting... we are looking for plastic bottle caps and plastic water bottles.

  3. I work IT at WashU. What computer parts are you looking for? I can get just about anything.... so think big.
    Thank you,
    Dave Hennrich