Sunday, December 16, 2012

Creative Kindergarten!

We used air dry clay to create these adorable snowman pins.  The students rolled the clay and used shaped cutters to create these cool snowmen!  They were primed with white spray paint and then the students used sharpies to add their details and they were super creative!  I don't know which one is my favorite!

Collaborative Decor for Music Show

Fro the 2nd Grade Music Show, our 3rd graders made artwork for the stage with tempera.  I penciled in the letters and the kiddos did the rest! I love how it turned out. Good collaborative effort from a great group of artists!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tinting with Tempera, Painting Owls on a Snowy Night

Kindergarten was so excited to begin painting with tempera!  This idea came from Deep Space Sparkle.  We discussed owls, their shape and form, how they have tufts rather than ears, facial disks around their eyes and other body parts like talons.   We read books like, "Owl Moon" and "Squib."  

For the Art Process we painted construction paper with a color of their choice and then added white.  When you add white to a color you get its tint.  At the very end we flicked white paint for a snow like effect.  The next art class, we painted the owl bodies and tree branches.  Last, we painted on eyes with orange. Then, in black added pupils and traced their forms, and included curved lines  for texture.  I am so excited with their outcome and they had so much fun with the painting process!