About Me!

Nice to meet you... my name is Dawn Lynn and with more than 15 years of teaching under my belt,  I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming an Elementary Art Teacher in 2012.  I graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia (MIZ-ZOU!) with a Bachelor of Science in Education and have certification in Art K-12 and Language Arts.  This is my fourth year as the Willow Brook Art Instructor, and we have delved into Choice-Based Art Education also known as TAB: Teaching for Artistic Behavior this school year.  Choice-Based Art is student directed and provides opportunities for choice in content and medium in any one of the 8 studios we currently have.  Students must master skill sets for each studio before working independently.  Current studios are Drawing, Painting, Collage and Sculpture along with Architecture, Fiber Arts, Sewing and Ceramics.  The children are inspiring me everyday with their problem solving, perseverance and creativity! Each day there is something new and exciting. I LOVE what I do! I hope that our artistic endeavors inspire you!