Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Polly Apfelbaum Inspired Ceramic Tiles

If you read my bio, you would know that becoming an Art Teacher was a childhood dream of mine. I didn't take a direct path, but each step shaped the teacher that I am today.  There are so many exciting things happening the Art World... how do you keep up? I have a great support system and professional learning network that inspire and support me.

Recently, we all attended the Missouri Art Education Association Spring Conference in Kansas City.  The Kemper Museum had an exhibit by Polly Apfelbaum! WOW! The color, shapes and patterns were eye candy!  After researching and seeking out more of Polly's Art and Exhibitions... I found these amazing abstract tiles she did for an exhibition titled, "The Potential of Women." I knew the children would love her inspiration and they are pure color joy!
We looked at Polly Apfelbaum's work and were inspired. The children worked with clumps of clay that they wedged and rolled out like sugar cookie dough. They were able to choose from many different texture plates, create coils and cut out shapes.  I fired the greenware and allowed Kinders to have a blast with glaze. We used Amaco Crystaltex glazes along with Stroke & Coat. 

I hope you find inspiration in Polly's work. Our tiles will be a permanent installation in honor of one of our retirees. 

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