Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kinder Kandinsky

This project always turns out so fantastic. One of our teachers says she needs a few of these Kandinsky circles for her family room art. They are lovely to look at!  I love how the students experiment with the water color, in addition to their circular markings.  We talk about Abstract art, shapes, circles, color and Kandinsky himself who liked to listen to music while he painted!  This particular project is inspired by one of his more popular pieces called Concentric Cirlces.
We start off with precut squares of paper. Students make their circles with oil pastels.

Next, students use water colors to paint their circles.  We talk about how to hold their brushes, and to use the tip of the brush and let it "dance" in the paint pallette and on the paper.  We don't scrub, scratch or mop with our brushes because that will damage the brush hairs.

I have the best job... it is a lot of fun listening to the students as their artwork comes to life.  Isn't it amazing how they turn out!

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