Monday, October 26, 2015

Choice-Based Art Education in the WB Wildcat Studio: Room Set Up

One of components to having a choice-based art studio is having the room set up to suit your studio centers. Right now this is our set up.

Our studio is approximately 24'x23'. See more room photographs here.

The studio is constantly evolving. I need more visual resources for my studio centers, but was waiting to make sure traffic flows were the way that I wanted them. We were just awarded a grants for 4 additional sewing machines, so I will need to reconfigure once again!

Painting has to be near the sinks. I may combine sculpture and collage.  I have found that students do more of a buffet method, where they get the material they need and find an open seat. Painting and machine sewing would be the studios that I would limit students at this time. Our procedures and routines evolve to simplify our centers and expand our creative time.

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