Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Litte People Drawings

Drawing is a natural human response.  It is mark making.  Children begin with random scribbles.  They eventually organize their marks to represent the world around them. The human figure is one of their first representations.  It begins in a primitive way, with the arms and legs coming out of a head like a creation.  As your child becomes more aware of the world, more details are expressed in their images.

These first human images are delightful. They are exaggerated and whimsical. Your child’s ability to make more sophisticated marks will grow very quickly.  These artworks document a moment in time. Enjoy them, knowing your child will expand his or her skills.  Displaying their artwork will show your child that you value their mark making.

Most of the artwork that your child creates in the art studio will be kept at school.  It will be saved for assessment and student display. Your child will bring home their completed pieces.

Your children are wonderful and I am enjoying our artful opportunities together!

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