Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Willow Brook Art Installation in the Cafeteria Part 3 Glazing and Painting

We used a special glaze called Stroke and Coat by Mayco which allowed us to paint directly on the greenware. Students were particularly excited about this process and were very meticulous when it came to their artwork.

Ready for a firing.  It is amazingly exciting how these will turn out!

I prepped the wall with two coats of paint.

The waves were cut with templates by our awesome district "you can do it" guys.
Each wave got 2 coats of paint... 


  1. What did you use to adhere the fish to the plywood and walls?

    1. Rachel, thank you so much for visiting... we used an adhesive by Loctite called Power Grab. It is similar to caulking.

    2. Hi Dawn,
      I have a couple of questions? Have the fish stayed up or have you had any problems with them coming off of the wall? When you glued the fish, did you tape them to the wall/wood while the caulk dried or did you glue them to the wood panels first and attach the panels to the wall?

    3. Hi Rachel, The fish have done a very good job of staying up. There are 4 missing up to today and I do have extra to replace. Our children are curious and touch them a lot because lunch lines line up along that wall. The Powergrab worked so well, that I didn't have to tape the tiles to stay up. Our district's "can do it" men are amazing! Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need! I'd love to help!