Monday, March 23, 2015

Busy in the Studio Today! Adventures in Choice Art...

Sometimes, it's hard to head to work on a Monday morning, especially after a week off of work.  Spring Break may have seemed short and last night I felt like I had 2 minutes of sleep. This morning, before school,  a student stopped me and shared how excited they were to come to Art! "Mrs. Lynn! I have art today! I brought some inspiration with me and I plan to sew... I love how my other project turned out, the dress I made fit my doll perfectly!" The look on her face was priceless and I was reminded how lucky I am to be here at Willow Brook. She was describing her well thought out plan and it felt energizing, even more than my morning coffee!  The studio is hopping this Monday and everyday with all the Wildcats continuing pieces they were working on before break, and some starting new ones!  We are energized with creativity! There is always something new going on in the Willow Brook Studio!
 Drawing studio in kindergarten. Look at those Lines!
 Fiber Arts studio, weaving beads with kindergarten.
 Building in Architecture with our Alex Toys citiblocs.
Many Wildcats request to come in during recess to finish what they are working on!
 Painting studio.
 Look at these kindergarteners collaboratively working together in drawing studio
 Second graders in Architecture.
 Architecture with 2nd Grade.

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