Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kindergarten Colors, Color Mixing and Procedures

Kindergarten is a busy group, but so much fun! There is so much to learn the first few weeks of school! As a mommy of 4, I can see my own children settling into their school routines and getting comfortable.  In the art studio, our new friends are learning a lot.  We began the year with modeling clay and working on Ceramics Studio, where we focus on building coils (snakes) and working with our hands. We had tons of long coils!

Now we are talking about primary colors, secondary colors and even tertiary colors!  We focused on the book White Rabbit's Color Book.  A sweet story of a curious little rabbit that jumps into bowls of paint. It opened discussion for color mixing! Each child was given three pieces of clay, red, yellow and blue. It is so great to see the children explore with the clay and see what their experiments of colors created. The sounds in the room were magnificent with "I got green", "look at my purple",  "I made brown!"

We experimented with a little bit of blue, and a lot of yellow, then a lot of yellow and a little blue, then even amounts and saw that all made different shades of GREEN! After the students achieved one piece of green, orange and purple, they were free to create whatever they wanted. Many children were hard at work, excited about their discoveries and diligently creating. I LOVE seeing children create.  These kindergarten hands amaze me!

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