Thursday, August 28, 2014

Drawing Studio Skill Sets and Skill Builders

Grades 1-5 have been working on Drawing skills. Each mini studio in Choice Art has a checklist of skills we call Skill Builders. Some skills are simple, such as getting into the habit of putting your name on your work, and others are how to use tools. Specifically we have been working on creating value with hatching, cross hatching, scumbling, and stippling. In the process, we have looked at many samples and artist's work from Rembrandt and Seurat.  Skill set handouts remain in the student's portfolios that are organized in the studio.  Portfolios will document your child's growth as an artist and demonstrate mastery of our skill builders. If you want to see your child's progress, please come visit!
2nd grade Value Scale Skill handout

All class portfolios are easily accessible and organized.  Each child has their own hanging file folder with hand drawn self portrait on the cover. At the end of the year we will draw another self portrait and compare the two to compare, contrast and observe growth in our skills.

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