Friday, September 7, 2012

Kandinsky with Kindergarten

First, we read "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds to inspire our inner artists.  We talked about Wassily Kandinsky and viewed different pieces of his artwork.  We talked about primary colors and how to create secondary colors, and then set to work.  We started with drawing a dot on our papers with oil pastels.  Then we drew circles around our dots. Next we used yellow, blue and red water colors to paint on our circles.  My heart sings with how well these turned out.  It was so exciting to see the kindergarteners say, "I made purple!"  "Look, I have green!" " I am making brown!"  This project was inspired by a pin on Pinterest from art teacher, Katie Morris.  


  1. Dawn,
    The kindergarten circles are so cool!! I'd hang the compilation of circles in my home!

  2. You have shared valuable information with us, thanks a lot! Last month, I enrolled my kid in Phoenix kindergarten and have seen a massive improvement in his skills. He is more creative and social now. Glad that he improved as worried for him.